VFC Extreme Makeover 2006…

Ministry! Ministry! Ministry! 2006 is a different year for Vision For Chile. In response to the input we’ve received from you and the needs of the orphanage, rather than building a new building, we’re emphasizing two things: First, we’re planning on giving the orphanage an extreme makeover. And second, we’re planning on giving you moreContinue reading “VFC Extreme Makeover 2006…”

Trouble Downloading?

If you have trouble downloading due to disconnects or partial downloads, I suggest trying a Bittorrent-type client. However sharing files is not for the technologically-faint-of-heart. If you cannot use file-sharing, and you are still having difficulties, I suggest Free Download Manager. It’s free and will help with speed issues and with partial or failed downloads.Continue reading “Trouble Downloading?”

Why We Use Bittorrent

Vision for Chile does not pay for web hosting. This matter is cared for by Steve Shields of shieldsgroup.com. The amount of bandwidth needed for distributing large files may be more than our server allows in a 30 day period. Therefore, we encourage our more advanced computer users to download Bittorrent or a similar clientContinue reading “Why We Use Bittorrent”