Warm Bellies, Warm Hearts!

Team 2, Update #4: October 30, 2006 The weekend is over, and our second week in Chile has begun. Although it’s only Monday, the day of our departure is coming quickly—on Thursday morning we’ll take a bus to Vina del Mar, Chile, where we’ll spend our last days relaxing by the ocean. Saturday was anotherContinue reading “Warm Bellies, Warm Hearts!”

Team 2, Update #3: Getting Chilly in Chile

October 27, 2006 It’s Friday! We’re glad the weekend is coming, but it’s sad to say our trip is nearly halfway over. On Wednesday evening we split into groups to eat dinner with the girls in their homes at the orphanage. They were very hospitable to us, and we enjoyed the opportunity to spend evenContinue reading “Team 2, Update #3: Getting Chilly in Chile”

Team 2, Update #2: Hot dog!

October 25, 2006 Greetings from Chile! It’s now our fourth day of service here at the Hogar, and we’re having an amazing time. Monday night the girls and tias threw a welcome party for us in the dining hall, complete with a Chilean dinner (hot dogs with tomatoes, mayonnaise, and avocado!), dancing, and a delightfulContinue reading “Team 2, Update #2: Hot dog!”

The Saga Continues: "Extreme Satisfaction"

Vision for Chile – “Extreme Makeover” update #7 10.21.06 Thursday: We may be covered in dust, paint, and have splatters of cement on our clothes, but we are celebrating a job well done for Team #1. Here we are gathered for our team photo to say farewell. Tonight we will be attending a Fiesta DinnerContinue reading “The Saga Continues: "Extreme Satisfaction"”