VFC Progress over the past few years

Hogar from Space One thing I like to do is to look at pictures of places I’ve been on a program called “Google Earth.” Last year, I was able to find a picture of the orphanage in Santiago, Chile from space. It was very exciting, but it was an old picture. I could tell that it was taken after the October 2003 trip but before the October 2004 trip. Over the last year I routinely go back to Google earth to see if they have taken any new pictures of Santiago. However, it seemed no mater how many times I looked, it was never updated, until today! I have pasted those two pictures together to get a good look at the progress that has been made since 2003. So, in the above thumbnail, the picture on the left is from 2003 and on the right is from 2007. Just click on the small picture above and you can see how much God has blessed the orphanage and us in the past four years. As I look at the two pictures together my excitement for the coming October trip grows bigger! I cannot wait to see the orphanage, the girls, the team, and what God has in store for us this year!

by Mark Kromeke

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