We Need Volunteers!!!

VFC is going to Chile in January!!! The MISSION? To spread the good news of Jesus Christ!! This will be done through ESL classes (English as a Second Language) and soccer camps!! We will be sending two teams down to Linares, Chile. The first team will be from January 19th to February 3rd and the second team from February 2nd to February 17th. There will be a total of four camps, two per team.

We need 30 volunteers per team, ages 15 and up. But we’re not just looking for young people, we need everyone! Even if you don’t play soccer, come join us! Please download an application from the “How Do I Go?” link on the right and mail it to Tom Orme. The approximate coast of the trip will be $2,500. Please spread the word to your friends and your churches! We hope and pray that God will lead you to join us in January!! If you have any questions please contact Tom Orme.

615-973-9837 [cell]

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