Temuco Construction Team 2009 – Update #3

Thursday – Day 3 of Construction: Hola amigos y familia! We have been well fed by the ladies in the kitchen! They are up before the sun preparing hearty breakfasts for us all. Sue (Ketchikan, AK) makes great oatmeal, I think even Lee O. would approve!! Eileen (Boone, IA), Betty (LaGrangeville, NY) and Sue areContinue reading “Temuco Construction Team 2009 – Update #3”

Temuco Construction Team 2009 – Update #2

Tuesday – Day 1 of Construction: We started with a poured concrete foundation…by the end of the day we had three walls up!! We had built a shade provider…which came in very useful as the unrelenting sun beat down on us all. The construction team bonded when they had to lift the entire wall toContinue reading “Temuco Construction Team 2009 – Update #2”

Temuco Construction Team 2009 – Update #1

January 20, 2009 Dear VFC partners: We pray that this is our first update of many, however upon arriving at the “Guido Bucher School”, we found out that we have “no” phone service, (neither cell or land-line) and “no” internet connection. In some ways, we find this very exciting, however it does make it difficultContinue reading “Temuco Construction Team 2009 – Update #1”