Temuco Construction Team 2009 – Update #2

Tuesday – Day 1 of Construction:

Temuco Day 1 - Photo 1 We started with a poured concrete foundation…by the end of the day we had three walls up!! We had built a shade provider…which came in very useful as the unrelenting sun beat down on us all.

Temuco Day 1 - Photo 2 The construction team bonded when they had to lift the entire wall to thread it on the rebar poking up from the concrete…it was quite interesting watching 6 men pick up a wall and hold it!! Thank you for your continued prayers for our safety and health!

Wednesday – Day 2 of Construction:

Temuco Day 2 - Photo 1 Guess what??? It is still sunny here in Temuco, Chile!!! Thankfully there was a nice breeze this afternoon that cooled the work team as they built the inside walls and started putting up the rafters.

Temuco Day 2 - Photo 2 Dwayne (Ketchikan, AK), the youngest member of our team, has shown himself to be a great worker by helping David (Norman, OK) put up the reflective coated wall sheeting (remember, it is REALLY sunny here!) on the exterior walls. I think they were both seeing spots!

We really appreciate all of your prayers as we continue to work on this home! More updates to come!

The Temuco Team

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