October 2010 Trip Team Update #3

Thursday, October 7, 2010

(This update 3 of 4 from the previous team who was in Chile Oct. 2–17, 2010)


What a weekend!! We kicked it off Friday night with a Variety show and ice cream party for the Hogar weekend girls. Some of the girls of the Hogar can actually go to their homes over the weekend for visits. The rest, who don’t have homes or those homes are too dangerous for them, remain at the Hogar over the weekend. About 35 girls remain per weekend. We invited them to the dining hall for some singing, dancing and laughter topped off with an ice cream sundae. They had a blast!

So did we! What a talented group we have! Some highlights were Corey, Caleb, Jared, Tom M, Ryan and Katherine offering a forwards AND reverse rendition of “I’m a Little Teapot” and Jane and Amiee’s leading of the Chicken Dance and Hokie Pokie. Tommy (Tom O.) & Mabel (Cora) made an appearance that, literally, words can’t describe!

photo of Tommy (Tom O.) & Mabel (Cora)

Saturday was a great work day, accomplishing more than we anticipated. We had HOH family members & La Pintana C&MA church members visiting to help. We ended the day with a big cookout where Daniel, with Joel’s assistance, grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. Patty and Willie explored the first and second floors of their new home. It’s so exciting to see God provide for this faithful couple. It’s certainly been a challenge to me!

Willie & Patty in caretakers home under contstuction

Sunday we had a great time at church at the La Pintana C&MA church. Bill gave greetings for us all, Jane gave her testimony and Jessica and I sang “You are God Alone”. It was evident that we worship the same God and he was rightly lifted up as we all sang of our redeemer! Tom O & Daniel visited the Santiago Community Church. Tom spoke. This church wants to get involved in supporting the HOH.

Team 1 in front of La Pintana church

We, then, got on the bus and headed to for some shopping at Pomaire. We enjoyed a wonderful Chilean meal and headed back to the Hogar. God was on the bus, as well, and choose that ride to be the moment of salvation for our bus driver, Eugene! Cora was speaking and sharing with him the whole trip and, as a few prayed behind them, she lead him in the prayer of faith! Upon our return Lee M gave him a Spanish Bible to start on his new journey with the Lord. Pray for Eugene! Pray that God will lead him to a church for discipleship and growth in Him!

Back to work today. I look out of the House of Hope where I’m writing, it’s almost raining, but they are working hard. Immediately I see Jerry leading the Woodchuck’s cutting lumber and Larry hanging off a ladder nailing OSB board. Everyone is busy working either on the house or helping to get lunch ready. Except Jim and Ken…Bill asked them to clean the men’s dorm this morning. =)

We’re struggling a little with physical challenges. Sarah was out with a migraine most of Friday, but God has restored her. Lee O is back almost to full health and is back to work. It is cold and wet out today and we have many with coughs and stuffed noses. Pray for strength for everyone!

Thank you for your prayer and support! We feel it!

Because of the cross,

Lisa for the team

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