Vision for Chile – Special Team Update

Huge Concrete Cross Structure In Coquimbo, Chile
Huge Concrete Cross Structure In Coquimbo, Chile

We enjoyed our time of rest and relaxation in La Serena. Our hotel was very close to the beach. The water was a beautiful blue color. Saturday was spent walking around the old part of La Serena. We did some shopping and took pictures of some of the old churches that date back to the 1500’s and 1600’s. In the late afternoon, our bus driver took Bob H., Debby, Diane, Eleanor, Kerry, Jessica and Daniel on a tour of Coquimbo, a town located near La Serena. Coquimbo also has a huge concrete cross structure that you can go up in. It provides a beautiful view of the area. For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant just down the street from our hotel. We enjoyed the evening of food and fellowship.

House Of Hope Girls
House Of Hope Girls

Sunday morning we headed back to Santiago. We stopped by Los Dominicos for some additional shopping and lunch. Our next stop was the Hogar and House of Hope to finish packing and to say goodbye to the girls. It was tough saying goodbye to everyone. The girls have found a special place in all of our hearts.

Thank you for your prayers while we were in Chile building the wall and spending time with the girls at the Hogar and House of Hope. We look forward to returning to Chile as the Lord leads.

[Above] . . .  pictures of the wall, the Oct 2011 Team, the House of Hope girls, Willy and Patti, w/ Kati and Jacob, picture of Daniel and Jessica with a view of Coquimbo and La Serena in the background and the cross at Coquimbo.

In Christ,

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