Internship Update

¡Hola! My name is Allison Benson and I have been an intern at the House of Hope for the summer of 2013. It has been a blessed journey and growing experience! Through my time here I have gotten involved with ministries, grown in my walk with Christ, and have built lasting friendships. One of manyContinue reading “Internship Update”

This is a normal day for me

Hello. My name is Estefanía Layseca From casa esperanza. This is a normal day for me: At 6:30 a.m. my day begins with the alarm going off. I begin with all that must be done in a normal day: shower, dress, do my hair and makeup, etc. What for many might be something simple and in someContinue reading “This is a normal day for me”

Why do you go to Chile every year?

Question from Casa esperanza to Kerry Miltras: why you coming to Chile and the House of Hope this October? Hola Daniel, You ask why I am coming to Chile and the House of Hope this October. The answer is because God has asked me to. Through my prayers he has revealed to me his purpose forContinue reading “Why do you go to Chile every year?”