Our fourth year at the House of Hope!

This is our fourth year at the House of Hope!  I must admit that what I had envisioned is not exactly what is happening.  I expected that we would be absolutely full and planning on additional House of Hopes.  We can provide shelter, food and an education but it is harder to defeat the demonsContinue reading “Our fourth year at the House of Hope!”

Lily, We can have a better future.

We have known Liliana since she was 12 years old. That was almost 13 years ago. She has worked hard to get ahead, but it has not been easy. The wounds inflicted and the abuses experienced have marked her personality and life, and that greatly affects her in many areas. On the other hand, inContinue reading “Lily, We can have a better future.”

It truly is a House of Hope!

  We’ve recently returned back to Australia after a 2 year adventure as ex-pats in Santiago, Chile.  Being involved with Casa Esperanza (without a doubt!) has given me my best memories of our time in Chile.  It was my life saver! Just driving through La Pintana showed me a much different side of Santiago thanContinue reading “It truly is a House of Hope!”