Thanksgiving, the holiday that has been pushed aside by Christmas and trampled by Black Friday!  It still is a fantastic time to reflect on what we have been blessed with as individuals.  I am blessed with a loving, caring wife, three children, and 11 grandchildren.  I am blessed by an abundance of most things –Continue reading “Thanksgiving”

Nido School Week Without Walls Program

On November 2nd Nido School arrived to continue construction of the multi-purpose building. 37 students, 4 teachers, and our good friend Marco worked all week painting, landscaping, trimming the staircase, and constructing solar panels. All of the 2nd floor dorm rooms got two coats of paint as well as the kitchen, dining room, and stairContinue reading “Nido School Week Without Walls Program”

Baptism at the House of Hope

How exciting to be a part of the first baptism at the House of Hope. On November 1st, Nicole, one of our House of Hope girl’s, committed her life to Christ through baptism.  Pastor from the CMA Church next door performed the ceremony with assistance from Kerry. About 40 attended from the church, community, andContinue reading “Baptism at the House of Hope”

Update Team VFC

As I am writing this update, I am sitting on the plane waiting to take off in Charlotte. Dick, Lee and Bob have departed leaving Tom and Kerry to continue the march! The work continued in preparing the rooms in the new building for painting. It is surprising how much time the little details take.Continue reading “Update Team VFC”