House of Hope, in its residency program for young university women, has received around 30 girls during these six years of operation. This is not to mention the young people who are or have been part of the team of volunteers in workshops and in the hope school. There have been 30 girls, and today we will talk about Nicole – or Nico – as she is called by her friends.

She is 24 years old and is studying Elementary Education, majoring in English. She has lived in House of Hope for the last four years. Why did she come here? What was she looking for? Did she find it?


In a life marked by pain caused by the bad decisions, Nicole found in this place the hope that she sought, that escape that is sometimes so difficult to find when you can see only darkness around you. So she said: “It was here where they showed me that in Christ there is hope”.

Her best friend and study companion mentioned this, and she decided what would be best. As you know, there are decisions that define the course of your life. “In the midst of a meaningless life, they told me about this wonderful God who despite everything loves me, that in spite of the falls, he is always with me”

Here Nicole discovered her love of cooking, and yes, it is she who prepares the food for the children that House of Hope ministers to every Saturday. She said that she discovered that in life there is always something better, which will reach a satisfactory conclusion led by the hand of God. She wants to work every day so our neighbors, and in particular the children, can have this hope that she has been shown, and that in this world full of difficulties sometimes it is difficult to have.

Nicole not only met Christ here, but also got to know many children who, like her, need to know this wonderful God in order to restore their lives, those children who in spite of being so small, have already experienced the pain.


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