Testimony, Nido de Aguilas Chile.

Thanks House of Hope!!!

Every student should live the experience of developing a social enterprise. Students in Chile can contribute not only to noble causes in our country, but this type of experience can also mean a lot in their learning. When we came to House of Hope, we wanted to help, to contribute with our enthusiasm and knowledge, to raise funds to rebuild the multi-purpose court, a dream cherished by the headquarters in La Pintana for many years – a  dream that as sportsmen we shared and valued in all its magnitude. We thought that the enjoyment of watching children run and enjoy sports activities would be our only reward, but today at the end of the year and having achieved our goal, we know that we are the main beneficiaries.


In this year together with House of Hope we learned to:

·         Work as a team, supporting each other in our strengths

·         Establish a support network with our closest neighbors and encourage them.

·         Develop our creativity, inventing various activities where we could add an important part to our schooling.

·      Solve problems and not give up when something does not go according to plans. Although some activities gave a low return, these helped us to prepare others more successful.

.          Regardless how distant the goal, with perseverance and work it can be achieved.

Today, a few months after graduating from high school, we invite other Chilean students to live this experience. In House of Hope there are many opportunities to help, but above all to learn.

To fight for a more just country is the task of all, especially the young people in Chile. Begin today to make a difference. Contact House of Hope and learn how you can help.


Andreas Cafatti y Rafael Toro



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