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In our country, the policy for children in residence is that the child not reside more than one calendar year in an “orphanage” home, which in many cases does not happen. This social problem affects thousands of young people who are treated as adults, which on the one hand they are by chronological age, but are not prepared for independent living. Our Foundation acts to fill the gaps that are generated due to this failure in the law. We cannot remain oblivious to system failures that affect lives and dignity. For the girls in homes the question “what do you want to be when you are an adult?” the answer is simply to survive.

Rom 12:21
“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Nancy, a young 19-year-old woman, comes from the Girls’ Home “Villa Santa María” in the community of Maipú. Pray for her and her future. This year she is studying pre-university in order to improve the quality of her education.

We are happy that other communities are considering supporting us in the future of the youth that need a space in order to continue their studies and to search for peace.

Genesis Javiera comes from the Cardinal José María Caro Home. She is 18 and is studying her last year of high school, specializing in preschool.

Note: Genesis Javiera and Nancy lived together as children in a Home for Protection in the community of Maipú and now have met again here as adults.

María Paz, another young woman coming to live in our Home. We hope that she will develop integrally and that everything in the past will be a motor to go forward. She has lived 15 years in a Home for Minors and now needs help in order to continue her studies.

Genesis, a young 17-year-old comes from La Pintana. We ask prayer that she and the other young women may continue to grow as persons and live in peace.

Genesis is studying in a school close to the Home and is in her last year of high school.

Please pray for: 

The children and youth who are part of our House of Hope

Construction; Roof for multiuse court. We continue advancing with this.

Trujillo Rivas family: Recently they adopted a little 9-year-old girl from the Home “orphanage” where we work. May God help Jessica, Daniel, Anais, Maite and now Alicia.

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