Young People Residence? An unresolved problem

Looking inside the residences of children and adolescents whose rights have been violated, the groups that generate most challenges in relation to the management of the coexistence are, precisely, the adolescents; the more we can say about the young adults of 18 years or more, the most have not completed their secondary education, and adding to the difficulties, there are no original family networks or surrogates in which we can visualize a possible successful outcome.

On the other hand, psychological emotional repairs are mediocre due to the high turnover of professionals inside of the residence, colleagues who fail to generate therapeutic links or that never carry out the therapies because “the young do not want to go to the sessions”, and do not want to talk about the pain of abandonment or the pain of remembering the violence that their own family deny.


Our residence works dignity as the center of the intervention, not only from their buildings as having a room per person and a shared bathroom for two people (for which we give thanks to the Lord), but also from the strengthening of the fundamentals necessary for independent living and integral education. Our choice of residence has been not having adult care-takers for direct treatment, and thus to work from a community in which we are all part of the house and fulfill a role within it, for example: cooking, cleaning, shopping in the supermarket, market, washing clothes, etc, as well as being part of the solution to the problems of our commune, for example: the abandonment of other children and adolescents from other center of residences that are part of the SENAME network.


Señor henos acá para servir de corazón. Que los niños y jóvenes que atendemos te vean a Tí y no a nosotros.

God, help us to move forward, help us to live in peace, help us to face our past as survivors and be grateful that we have life, that the violence we suffered did not kill us, and that we must continue to live each day by following our dreams.

Help us, Lord, not to doubt where the food or the money to pay for the light or water will come from; you sustain as you have done for almost 20 years we have been serving as a foundation and 7 and a half years as House of Hope.

Lord we are here to serve from the heart. May children and young people see you and not us.

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