She Was Only 5 Years Old

When we thought of House of Hope as a residence for young people, our mind and heart was with the teenagers who were abandoned/vulnerable and also with the 5-year-old girls that we knew whose lives would be very difficult because there was no nuclear and extended family to take charge of them, to care for them, to educate them and above all to love them.

Marisol chiquita

In the year 2007 I started as a psychologist in the orphanage of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Later I was director of the residence and within the group of girls that we saw a long-term were the Veas sisters, 7 children in total. We cared for the 5 sisters. Time passed and now in the year 2017 Marisol comes to live in the House of Hope. She is a young woman of 16 years whom we met when she was only 5 years old. We have seen her grow, and our prayers and actions have been to be with her in this time of transition. She has been our student in tutoring, drums, guitar, and singing. For the past 4 year we have shared lunch twice a week. She is not a stranger to us and we are not strangers to her. In these days God reminds us that every work has its fruit and is well worth the effort and fatigue, the facing of the evils face and moving on. Thank you Lord. I especially remember Kerry Mitras and family for their emotional support to Marisol in these years.  Kerry say  (This is very good news. I am so grateful that God has protected her up until now, and I am so thankful for the open arms of the house of hope. I pray God’s blessings on Marisol and all the children that we reach of the HouseofHope. I also pray for our director and his wife Jessica and for Estefania and all the HouseofHope girls that participate in the education and loving of the children and la Pintana.)


Prayer Request

Pray for Marisol, and for all the teenagers and young people with whom we live and who make up this House of Hope community. Pray for Stephanie, Jessica and Daniel who are here working shoulder to shoulder. Pray for the other girls and children we serve who are also in total abandonment.

Daniel Trujillo


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