Course in the Graneros Hospital.

La imagen puede contener: 1 persona, de pie, árbol, planta, cielo, césped, exterior y naturalezaOctober 10 and 11, 2017, we had an invitation to present a course in the Graneros Hospital. There were 15 workers from the hospital who attended the two days in which we shared our ministry experience. It was a great opportunity to share, learn and teach together


  1. Explore the evolution of gender violence throughout history, examining the most significant cultural and sociological data that make this type of violence a current problem as the offered statistics corroborate.
  2. Start with the Declaration of Human Rights to analyze the human rights of women throughout history and thus be able to bring into conformity the concept of equality between men and women.
  3. Understand gender violence in its expressions in human rights, legislation, masculinities, institutions and media.
  4. Deliver methodological lines for intervention in gender-based violence.


  1. History Of Violence Against Women And Girls In The Country And The World. Domestic Violence. Sexual Harassment. The Stockholm Syndrome In Battered Women.
  2. Definition of the Social Problem. Gender violence as a social problem. The misogynist attitudes. Misogyny and gender-based violence. Factors that give rise to situations of risk or exclusion. Behaviors and risk conditions.
  3. Intervention with minors. Intervention of the Community Services. Specialized Equipment. Measures for the Protection of Minors.
  4. Objective Strategies for Educational Intervention, Content, Methodological Guidelines, sequencing and timing. Proposal for the evaluation of the Program
  5. Importance Of Group Formation as a Developmental Factor. Instruments of participation. Educational Center Family Relations.

La imagen puede contener: una o varias personas, personas sentadas e interior

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