2017 Matching Grant

Maching gift

Dear VFC Family I have a question for you, are you reaching people for Jesus?  Are you really?  We ask ourselves that question a lot. We want to make a difference and we want to serve people all in the name of Jesus. I want to share some good news with you. Because of you, Vision for Chile -Chile / House of Hope we are reaching people for Jesus and we are serving our community of La Pintana Chile. Do I hear an Amen! Because of your support we are reaching over 900 street kids and young adults on a monthly basis. We are ministering to several schools and two Hogars. The House of Hope is making a difference to the young women living there. They are growing in Christ, graduating from higher education institutes and preparing for the day they leave the House of Hope as beautiful mature young women. God is truly blessing our outreach and we are seeing results. We serve our community through outreach in music, sports and sharing the good news of Jesus. And because of this we are growing and that is a good thing. However with growth comes expansion. And that is where we need your support. 

We need to expand our mini soccer field and completely cover it with a roof and side panels. This will enable us to use this area all year around for outreach such as youth meetings, sports, concerts etc. In the past churches such as San Marcos has helped us to raise funds and we have continued to build, but now is the time to complete the project. The approximate cost will be $12000. USD

When we built the House of Hope we built a kitchen to feed approximately 45 people. Over the past several months we have been feeding over 100 people on the average Saturday In October we are building a new kitchen. Approximate cost will be $7500. USD

Unfortunately in 2017 we have had 3 break-ins on our property. Several of the men who broke-in have been caught and are in jail Thank God that none of our staff or the .girls have been harmed. We need to immediately upgrade our security systems. Approximate cost unknown?

The great news is that we have a church in New York that is challenging us to raise $5000.or more to help meet the above needs by November 20th 2017 and if we do they will match that amount with their donation of $5000. Wow! What an opportunity.

Now the big question is, can you help, will you help? If you can please go to visionforchildren.net and hit the donation button. You will have a couple different options to give. You can also write a check to Vision for Children and mail it to 1176 Olde Cameron Lane Franklin TN 37067.Every dollar helps! No donation is too small.  And if you can’t give, please pray that others may give and we can raise the needed support. We will keep you advised of the status of the funds received. Thank you for your support. God bless!



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