Safe Place

It’s 3:25 in the morning, the doorbell rings. “Hello, hello, hello, Uncle Danny, Aunt Stephanie!!!” Shouts from the street. Who is this 15 year-old teen-child covered in a blanket, shivering from the cold, asking for help because she couldn’t be with the person she was living with any more due to very complex situations. “I didn’t know where to go. Let me live with you. Please, I do not want to return to the home or live in the street.” We met this young woman 2 years ago because she lived in a children’s home close to us and attended the community hope program as well as classes in the community center. She was my student in drums but was frustrated because she said she couldn’t get the rhythm, yet she ended up playing a song at the end of the year in front of 100 people. She was also an English student of Stephanie in a nearby school where we help and was able to pass the course. She now lives with us and we hope to be able to make an integral contribution to her short life.

Prayer: God, help us to be able to open the doors of our house and our hearts to the people who need it through us.

Daniel Trujillo


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