Maria Paz’s Japanese Scholarship


This is Maria Paz. She is 21 years old, and she is living with us at Casa Esperanza. Maria Paz recently registered in the Japanese Institute and is now sponsored through a 100% full scholarship. We are so proud of her hard work and dedication to the Japanese language. We got the opportunity to interview her about this experience.

What do you think of Casa Esperanza?
“Casa Esperanza is a worthy place to be and study.”

Tell us about how you became a part of the Japanese Institute.
“I struggled looking for network support to help me. The scholarship happened because a friend supported me to study and the re-validation of the scholarship was for my academic performance last year.”

How do you feel about your accomplishment?
“I am happy to have obtained this scholarship because it is a result of my effort and the beauty of the Japanese country.”

We are excited to see what God has planned for Maria Paz for this year. He has blessed her with talent and dedication to her studies. Please pray for her to keep going and grow in all the opportunities God is giving her. We are able to keep working through your support and prayers. Any donation makes a difference in our ministry.


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