Elijah’s intercultural experience at Casa Esperanza

Elijah Dahunsi is one of the students of Ford Bend Christian Academy. He shares about how God called him to Chile and serve at Casa Esperanza and after this experience he wants to come back and serve again.

Elijah shares us his experience:

  1. Tell us how you heard about Casa Esperanza.

I knew about Casa Esperanza through Kelly at Ford Bend Christian Academy.

  1. How has been your intercultural experience at Casa Esperanza?

It has been a great blessing. I have enjoyed so much the vibrancy, food and ways of life of the Chilean culture. It has been a joy the interaction with different Chileans and that they are community-oriented.

  1. What means for you to serve at Casa Esperanza?

It is a calling that God has placed on my heart. I know it is a huge responsibility and privilege, also it is eye-opening.

  1. What has been your biggest highlight in this trip?

The Vacation Bible School has been the most impact experience.The opportunity of meeting young kids in orphanages, interacting with them and playing with them has made all the difference.


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