Liliana returns for her internship at Casa Esperanza!

We are so excited to have again Liliana Alarcon at Casa Esperanza! She brings so much joy and energy to the house. It has been a blessing to see her spiritual growth. She is doing her internship as Assistant preschool teacher. Pray for her and her life as she finishes strong her internship in these four months left. She shares with us about her experience at Casa Esperanza and how it has changed her life.

How did you knew about Casa Esperanza?
I came to Hogar, La Granja an orphanage for kids and later through Daniel I transitioned to Casa Esperanza. Daniel and his family have been a big support for me to continue my studies.

What it means Casa Esperanza to you?
It means a great help and support because it has allowed me to finish my studies of university. Casa Esperanza has given me hope and a future.

How Casa Esperanza has impacted your spiritual life?
It has been a great opportunity of spiritual growth because I get the opportunity to give love to the kids on Wednesdays. Also, being part of the educational workshops has helped me grow in my walk with Jesus.

Tell us about your internship and your future plans.

In my internship as Assistant preschool teacher, I get the blessing to teach kids about the importance of being good stewards of their environment and nature. Also, I teach them how to take care of their garden and plants.

In terms of the future, I would like to go back to Canada where my children are and be reunited with my family. I would like to rent an apartment, and in the basement start my daycare where I can implement all the tools given to me through the internship.



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