Service Areas

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This is where approximately ten young people live their daily lives post Sename. They continue their studies and they must also learn to organize, order their house, cook lunch and work in a team responsibly. Thus, they learn to be tolerant and  great companions. In addition, they receive support to continue studying and learning about God.


Esperanza Community: “A PLACE TO LEARN TOGETHER”
Every Saturday we meet to learn new things. There is a variety of workshops on school reinforcement, such as math and English, musi, singing, drums, piano, craft and sports. There are also devotionals for young people and Zona Kids, a place where children can learn about God through games and entertaining activities.

Friend adviser. “PREVENT AND CLEANSE THE ROAD”                                                           
This section consists of following up on children from shelters in their respective schools, participating in educational talks, vocational guidance, talks on drug prevention, carrying out cultural activities, among other things that strengthen and support the school community through national and foreign volunteers.

Ways to help:
Get Involved
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Sponsor Program young house hope. Donate Here


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