2023 – A New Team

Some of the October 2023 team

The ministry team arrived with excitement on Sunday, settling in at Casa Esperanza, enjoying a loving welcome, and a fast growing fellowship.  Please pray for us:

Prayer Requests:

  • Effective work, safety, abundant love and sweet fellowship
  •  Jesus to be seen more fully as the author of all blessings and the faithful, worthy Lord of all. 

Blessings We See:

  • Perfect weather
  • Meals donated by local churches
  • Many people praying for us
  • Great fellowship on the team
  • Local volunteers helping us

Thoughts on Mission Teams

There are many blessings to discover when reaching outside your routine and joining a short-term team to minister to others. Whether young or older, first-timer or after decades of such service, we all learn to trust God and are blessed to see the reality of His love.

Sometimes we are called to stay put and pray support for others.  But when a call comes and is answered by willing hearts, God’s blessings abound. Here are old friends and newbies, tasting the communion we share in Jesus Christ, serving together from different churches, cultures and even continents.  Even if difficult at times, such life in the Body is a sweet blessing and life impacting time.

Worshipping together

Worshipping together

Basins for foot washing.

Foot washing tubs - Foot washing service: Servants serving fellow servants like Jesus.
Foot washing service: Servants serving fellow servants like Jesus.

Foot washing service

Servants serving fellow servants like Jesus.

2023 – A New Team

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