2023 Trip Team Update 3

A FULL Day Underway

Repainting bedrooms; replacing a ceiling that was damaged by extraordinary storms and replacing the roof there to avoid future damage – these are major projects for the team and local volunteers helping.  

Girls from the nearby (hogar) orphanage came to the weekly group to share games, tacos, and testimonies with us. Next we visited their home with a meal, hugs and and fun. 

Meaningful Moments

The Lord blessed the team with a great week of shared daily devotions. Each morning, Tom’s pastor from Tennessee who joined the trip led with instruction and questions from John. The chicas (young women) in the house engaged discussion with their informed questions, too.  How affirming to see them grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus!

In discussion of John 4, we considered Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman alongside his talk with Nicodemus in chapter 3, noting that both religious leaders and shamed sinners need to be born of the Spirit. Then one chica asked a generational question, “Why did God make it so hard? Why allow evil? Shouldn’t his creation have prevented evil?” The goodness of God’s salvation shined into the moment.  Everything God does and ever did is good, perfectly and only good.  Yet in God’s love, so that we could be made like Him, he made us free.  All the while, God knew the cost of our freedom and that our sin would horribly damage God’s creation and us.  God even knew that only the death of His begotten Son, Jesus, the Lamb of God, would pay the debt of our sin. 

This is not bad design, no mistake by God.  This is His love.  God freely gives an impossibly expensive gift, the sacrifice of His Son Jesus, to anyone who turns and looks to Jesus, believing and trusting Him.  John 3:16   


Fixing the roof!

Much Painting

Repainting bedrooms; replacing a ceilings and section of roof


Playing games during visit with
the girls at the hogar

Game With Girls

Playing Games

An animated Chilean ‘Musical Chairs” was
a fun part of the weekly youth group!

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