Everyday Workday, Everyday Sunday

worship-small.jpgWe start out each day with an excellent breakfast (the food has been great, as our scales will remind us when we get home!), followed by a time of worship and prayer. It has been exciting to see answered prayer: team members healed, work accomplished, and fellowship developed. We praise God for all He is doing and will do.

work2-small.jpgThe work is progressing well. Many of the projects are taking real form, as the new walls on the outside of the dining room are stained, interior and exterior of the kitchen storage facility are getting finishing touches, walls of the new offices and bathroom at the church are completed, and the new tile floors in the girls dorm are laid. We only have three workdays left!

playground-small.jpgOne project that was a big hit was the repainting of the playground equipment. When the girls returned from school, they flocked to the playground and played and played. Those who have come for many years said they never saw so many on the playground at once!

Thursday night, we went to dinner in Santiago, enjoying an excellent “carne” plate of chicken, steak and pork chops (delicious!). We then took a quick turn (in the dark) through downtown, passing the presidential palace and the legislature.

benefit-small.jpg benefit2-small.jpgFriday night, the orphanage hosted a fundraiser with beautiful music, a stand up comedian (we made him sit down!), and worship. They sold some jewelry, cards, and other items made by staff and former students, with part of the proceeds going to the orphanage.

But, of course, it is all about the girls. Our desire, like God’s, is that they all come to a knowledge of the truth: to know Jesus and to live for Him. While we are here, we also want to offer support and comfort in safe relationships with teens and adults who care about them. It is clear that the “tias”, or aunts, that take care of them in the orphanage really do love them, but they are still hungry for intimacy with caring adults.

4 thoughts on “Everyday Workday, Everyday Sunday

  1. It is exciting to see how much progress has been made since we left the hogar last week! It is hard to believe a whole week has passed since I was there! Keep up the good work! The next three work days will seem difficult, but be encouraged! You are doing the Lord’s work! Hello to all the 30 dayers! You rock!!! Loved seeing you guys in the pics on the updates!! Lee O. the wall looks awesome! hugs to you all!
    Amy from Ohio

  2. It is hard to believe it has been a week since I was there! The updates are great! You all have made so much progress! Continue the hard work, your last three days of construction will go quickly! Hello to all the 30dayers!! It is great to see you in the pics! Lee O. the wall looks awesome! hugs to you all! Keep up God’s awesome work!

    Amy from Ohio

  3. Once again, the two teams have completed many tasks at the Hogar in Santiago. God has blessed each team with the required skills to accomplish the maximum amount of work and the glory is all His. Thanks to Mark Kromeke for the great reporting and keeping us all informed of the events and accomplishments taking place in Santiago. Thanks to Tom Orme for his work and all of the fund raising activities he has completed over the years. Bill Imes has also made major contributions in seeing that the buildings are completed properly and in a timely manner while working with the many teams that have traveled to Santiago. Then there are the girls and the tias that will benefit from these efforts now and into the future until Jesus comes again. Praise the Lord for all those who have given to make this happen!

    Steve Von Gunten
    Westgate Chapel
    Toledo, Ohio

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