House of Hope – Team 2 Cora's Party & Final Update, Team 3 Update 1

Team 2 – Cora’s Party

chile26.jpgWe had the opportunity on Team 2 to honor Cora for her years of service to Vision for Chile and the Hogar. Cora was very surprised when her daughter, son-in-law and grandson appeared at the worksite! We then had a special Friends and Family Dinner. Cora thought it was to honor her daughter who was the original translator for VfC.
chile30.jpgMany of us were able to share “Cora” stories from over the years. One thing we learned is you might not want to loan Cora your car! Also, a few years ago, Cora was riding a horse on the beach when a sea gull spooked the horse. She was thrown over the over the head of the horse. She asked Robbie Fugate(son of Missionaries Bob and Cheryl), Could you please put lip stick on me before the paramedics get here!
VfC relies heavily on Cora’s translations! Thank-you Cora!


Team 2 – Final, Team 3 – Update1

chile32.jpgTeam 2 had a cool and foggy visit to Vina del Mar. You could watch the fog roll in and out. Some caught up on much needed sleep, others shopped and still others went swimming in the cold, cold Pacific! King Neptune needed glasses and took them off David’s face! chile33.jpgThe breakfast at the hotel was as good as ever. Saturday morning the buses were loaded for the drive to Santiago and more shopping at Los Dominicos before returning to the Hogar to pick up luggage. chiile34.jpgGood-byes were said to those staying on with team 3.
chile35.jpgTeam 3 arrived in two waves…6:50 am and 9:35 am. Delays were encountered in coming through Customs. They really do allow meats, fruits and nuts to be brought into the country! Some toured the work site while others slept! A meeting was held with the architect and constructor. Several issues were ironed out. After 18 pizzas and the orientation by Tom, the team was really ready for bed.
chile36.jpgAfter a great breakfast, Devotional and pep talk by Kerry, we were on the work site and hard at it! All the shingles were carried to the roof and the shingling began. Fortunately it was a cool, cloudy day. Plumbing continued with a team preparing the bathroom floors for tiling. The electrical continued with more conduit being run. One team was either making snow or installing Styrofoam insulation! Another good lunch with home-made gingersnap cookies!
Tonight we quit on time as we ate with the girls. As always, everyone had a blast. chile37.jpgThe building looks much the same from the outside but work continues on the inside. Continue to pray for safety and speed. Thank you for your continued prayer support!

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  1. haha I remember that when she fell off the horse. It was scary!
    Things are looking great, keep up the good work you guys!

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