October 2015 Team Update #1

Dear VFC Family, we have arrived and been working and ministering for the past 5 days. We have a very veteran team and hit the ground running. It’s good to have Bob, Kerry, Lee and Dick back. Most of these men have been here for more than 10 trips. Thank you Jesus for each one of them.

This trip is especially exciting as we have four new girls in the House of Hope. We will be introducing them to you at a later date. They are young, energetic and very excited to be a part of our ministry.


The team is continuing the construction of our multi-purpose building along with some very much needed maintenance work in the House of Hope. It is so exciting to see how many local Chilean volunteers are coming out to help us complete this much needed work.

Last night we attended the mid-week meeting of hope community, an outreach program to the teenagers of La Pintana. The meeting was well attended. After some great music, a game of bunny, bunny, Bob Howen gave a testimony on biblical “Love “Thank you Bob! Please pray for these teenagers, they are facing many difficult challenges.

We will keep you in the loop as to our comings and goings and how Jesus is using us as His feet and hands. God bless!


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