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  • Vision for Chile on the job – October 2012

    HOLA from sunny La Pintana, Chile.   Team 1, all eight of us, have settled into our temporary home here at the House of Hope!  Today is Wednesday, October 10, 2012.   That means today is officially DAY 3 for TEAM 1.  We welcome you to follow our progress in the days ahead as we seek to […]

  • The Hoh girls made a first donation.

    Micro-business The HOH girls made their first donation for the new construction project. The girls made a deposit of USD $1,000 in the VFC savings account. They are learning that effort, perseverance and work have a big reward, they presently sell jewelry in different churches, schools, individuals/sponsors and other places. The new construction project begins in 30 days. Tthis new building will also provide the girls a workplace for their micro-business, in order to continue to train […]

  • What are you doing in February?

                    Dear Friends, Family and Fellow prior VFC Team Members, Please find our flyer promoting our February 2012 trip to Santiago Chile working with both the Hogar and House of Hope. We would love to have you as a part of our team. Please pray about this and […]