Feliz Navidad!!!


Dear supporters of the House of Hope,

The end of the year is a great time to be able to not only look back at the year gone by but also to look forward to the coming year!  This past year has been one in which we saw more families, churches and businesses from Chile become involved in our work in La Pintana.  We have also seen the number of ways we are working increase.  We are changing lives of children, teenagers and young ladies only because of your help and support.  Thank you so much!

I was wearing a House of Hope shirt this past month when a woman ran up to me to tell me that she was from Chile.  I had the opportunity to tell her of our work there.  What was interesting was the look on her face when I said that our work was in La Pintana.  She was fully aware of the great needs there but had problems comprehending going there to meet those needs.  Each year as the number of workers increase, we become more aware of other ways in which we can make a difference in our community. Continue reading “Feliz Navidad!!!”

Nido school here for week without walls.


Español We at the house of hope are blessed to have Nido school here for week without walls. This is the fifth year they have sent volunteers for construction and working with the kids at two local schools. We have 35 students from grades 9 through 12.
We are painting, pouring concrete, organizing our tools and inventory, building a sound proof wall for the drums classroom, and pressure washing the exterior of our buildings at the house of hope. We will be laying tile and doing a spring cleaning of the grounds tomorrow and Friday also. A big thank you to Nido school and the students and teachers they so graciously provide.

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