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2006 Fall Team One – First Update…

I want to apologize for not getting this information up in a more timely manner. ~Steve

A big hello to all those waiting eagerly for information about your family members and friends that you sent off on Saturday to Chile!!! Server problems and internet access is still preventing us from sending updates directly from the Hogar where we are doing our work. We have found an internet café off site to let you know everyone has arrived safe, sound and are already hard at work in this year’s Vision for Chile’s “Extreme Makeover”.

We may still have a few glitches but will do our best to send on updates with photos.

Flights were smooth with glorious views of the Andes Mountains as we landed in Santiago with a team of 37 Volunteers from all over the US and Canada. We began as strangers and have quickly become a family as we moved into our bunk bed accommodations. Weather for working is blue skies as Santiago begins its Spring Season. Everyone is healthy and anxious to let you know they are OK.

Here are a few photos from the job site as we excavate, paint, hang doors and all.
Click any image for a larger picture.

Team members head out each morning, 2 by 2 to begin their day’s assignment.

Verl Luce (Toledo Ohio) gets a “bead” on making the new concrete sidewalks level.

Making sure the new walls are ready to paint are sanding “experts” Emma Amorelli (Buffalo NY) and Anastina McKelvey (Franklin TN).


Team members from Canada (Diane & Debbie) are doing “Extreme Haircuts” to the delight of the niñas and Tias.

At the end of the day, we get to relax over great meals prepared by our Cooks, and spending time with the little girls. Lee Meier, our “Mr. Fix-it anything” team member helps one of the little girls with her meal.
Keep us in your prayers! We have you all in ours!

Tom Orme
Team One

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