House of Hope, in its residency program for young university women, has received around 30 girls during these six years of operation. This is not to mention the young people who are or have been part of the team of volunteers in workshops and in the hope school. There have been 30 girls, and today we will talk about Nicole – or Nico – as she is called by her friends.

She is 24 years old and is studying Elementary Education, majoring in English. She has lived in House of Hope for the last four years. Why did she come here? What was she looking for? Did she find it?


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VFC share at Warren Chapel.

On Sunday July 10th, 2016 Vision for Children’s Executive
Director Tom Orme had the opportunity to share the  vision of the House of
Hope ministry in La Pintana Chile with the congregation of the Warren
Chapel, a church of the Nazarene in Tullahoma TN. Tom felt the ministry was
well received by the congregation and has requested that they consider
supporting the ministry, thanks Jesus to help us.

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October 2014 Team Update #2

Here we are at the end of the second week. We are preparing to head back to the US and I haven’t written a second update. Please forgive me for this. So this will be our second and final update. It has been busy, busy and busy. The team has done an outstanding job but they are tired and ready to go home. Kerry advises that the team was able to complete the electrical, sheetrock and plastering in several rooms. These are the rooms being used by the Kids Zone, Music Ministry and dorm rooms for future teams.

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October 2014 Team Update # 1

IMG_9024I apologize for getting our first update out so late but it has been non-stop ministry since we arrived. Bob, Lee and Tom arrived last Thursday. Dick, Kerry, Blake and Rachel arrived Sunday morning. Adding to our team is our three interns, Alicia, Bre and Hudson. We are blessed to have them. We are in week one of a two week trip. Our main focus is the continuing construction of our multi-purpose building and of course, our ministry to the House of Hope girls, staff and the community of La Pintana.

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Matching Gift House of Hope


Matching Gift

Dear VFC Family, it has been a while since you and I last communicated, probably way too long. I want to bring you up to date on the exciting things that are going on at the House of Hope in Chile. In the past 12 months we have had three of our girls graduate from either a vocational school or university and they are all now working full time in their chosen professions. They are Cynthia, Damy and Eben. In June Claudia was married, yes I said married. I had the honor of being the father of the bride. And what a great honor it was. Our girls are doing wonderful. It is such a blessing to watch them mature and prepare for an independent life.

This past year we have started multiple ministries to meet the needs of the street kids that live in La Pintana. You should be at the House of Hope on a Saturday. It is nothing but awesome ! Continue reading “Matching Gift House of Hope”