Incredible Opportunity

I got the incredible opportunity to spend the past two weeks in la pintana chile, staying at casa esperanza. (House of hope) It was the most amazing trip of my life. I was able to minister the words of God to the young girls and women who stayed in the house, as well as kids... Continue Reading →

Update 1 VFC Oct / Nov 2017 Mission Trip

Our team of 8 people arrived this past Sunday October 29th. We have 4 from Minnesota, Paula, Lucy, Debra and Whitney, 2 from New York, Charlie and Kerry, 1 from Ohio Lee and of course 1 from Tennessee that’s me. All arrived safely but all were a little tired. We are glad they are here... Continue Reading →

      Matching Grant

Dear VFC Family I have a question for you, are you reaching people for Jesus?  Are you really?  We ask ourselves that question a lot. We want to make a difference and we want to serve people all in the name of Jesus. I want to share some good news with you. Because of you,... Continue Reading →

Course in the Graneros Hospital.

October 10 and 11, 2017, we had an invitation to present a course in the Graneros Hospital. There were 15 workers from the hospital who attended the two days in which we shared our ministry experience. It was a great opportunity to share, learn and teach together GENERAL  OBJECTIVE OF THE COURSE. Explore the evolution... Continue Reading →

She Was Only 5 Years Old

When we thought of House of Hope as a residence for young people, our mind and heart was with the teenagers who were abandoned/vulnerable and also with the 5-year-old girls that we knew whose lives would be very difficult because there was no nuclear and extended family to take charge of them, to care for... Continue Reading →

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