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2023 Trip Team Update 2



It’s ALL about Jesus

Major projects, shared devotion and prayer, fellowship with visitors. This is our activity.  But the vision and purpose is, ‘ALL about Jesus!’

In hours of work or silly games with local kids, this is our call and…


4th Day – work, play, share

A FULL day underway: Repainting bedrooms; replacing a ceiling that was damaged by extraordinary storms and replacing the roof there to avoid future damage – these are major projects for the  team and local volunteers helping.  

Last night girls from the nearby orphanage came for the weekly group to share games, tacos, and testimonies with us. Tonight we will visit their home with a meal and fiesta fun.  We are blessed!

A Chilean version of musical chairs warmed us up for sharing testimonies and tacos.

Musical Chairs and Silly Games

Devotions and Worship

Mountain View


Playing on the court roofed by a team in 2022

2023 Trip Team Update 2

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