I Am Very Thankful… For Hope…

Alanis Hello. My name is Alanis. I turned 20 last semester.  I have been living in House of Hope for a little more than half a year. I am very thankful. My life has not been very nice. My parents fought and hit each other probably every day or at least that is what IContinue reading “I Am Very Thankful… For Hope…”

2023 Trip Team Update 5 – FINAL

A  ‘Not’ Halloween Fiesta The local church knows about Casa Esperanza and came to work with us, cook for us, and more! This troupe of clowns came in vivid colors to brighten a party for the children of the two neighboring orphanages and others who came to a ‘not’ halloween party.  The clowns led dancesContinue reading “2023 Trip Team Update 5 – FINAL”

2023 Trip Team Update 4

Our multicultural work team – Oct. 2023 With the two week mission half complete, we took a cool morning to take a team picture for 2023.  A team of old and young; men and women; experienced veterans and newbies; Chileans (CH) and Americans from various US states (TN, NY, OH); girls living at the houseContinue reading “2023 Trip Team Update 4”

2023 Trip Team Update 3

A FULL Day Underway Repainting bedrooms; replacing a ceiling that was damaged by extraordinary storms and replacing the roof there to avoid future damage – these are major projects for the team and local volunteers helping.   Girls from the nearby (hogar) orphanage came to the weekly group to share games, tacos, and testimonies with us. Next we visitedContinue reading “2023 Trip Team Update 3”

2023 Trip Team Update 2

It’s ALL about Jesus Major projects, shared devotion and prayer, fellowship with visitors. This is our activity.  But the vision and purpose is, ‘ALL about Jesus!’ In hours of work or silly games with local kids, this is our call and… GOD’S LOVE 4th Day – work, play, share A FULL day underway: Repainting bedrooms; replacingContinue reading “2023 Trip Team Update 2”