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A Special Family


Adam & Travis led worship this morning. Clark gave the devotion.

A couple who have been connected with the ministry for several yers gave a short progress report on the outcome of their meeting with certain officials yesterday in regard to the possibility of adopting one of the girls from the hogar. This process began two years ago when they inquired about the possibility. Last year the they were informed that the child was eligible and available for adoption. Of course, the girl, at this point, has no idea these negotiations are going on. However, according to her peers, she has always dreamed of being adopted by a North American family so she might become more “well-to-do” so she could come back to Chile in the future and help get her sister off the streets.

The couple are meeting with Chilean authorities in order to qualify themselves and move along in the process. So far they have not been discouraged except to learn the process could take another year or more before a final decision can be made. The next step is for the authorities to have a personal interview with the girl.

Please pray for them. Pray over this whole process. An adoption like this in the country of Chile is nearly impossible. I don’t know the history, but it could be a first for this orphanage. Pray also that they will find an agency in the U.S. that is willing to work through this process with them. This is required of them from the Chilean authorities and so far they’ve have not been successful in finding one (most will only handle infants from out of the country). The girl will be 15 on November 14th. She says Jesus lives in her heart and she prays He will allow her to be part of a real family someday.

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