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Tia’s Day Off!


I mentioned in an earlier email something about the Tias getting a special surprise. Well, they got it today. Tome Orme became the head tia for the day and with the help of Cheryl, Susan, and Robbie Fugate, some of our own girls, and our kitchen crew, we were able to watch all the girls at the hogar for several hours while the tias got some time off with a little extra cash for a personal shopping spree. Cora Sepulveda was instrumental in making this happen by learning what the girls’ needs were and planning out activities we could do with them in the tias’ absence. Cora was rewarded somewhat as she was allowed to join the tias on their little excursion.
Cora was also our safeguard to insure the tias would come back!

They did come back… and with the biggest smiles on their faces! They were so happy! They immediately circled around Tom and sang; “For he’s a jolly good fellow” in Spanish. Then they proceeded to tell all about their trip and showed us the things they bought (special donations were made to cover the cost of this event). This was a much needed get-away and answer to prayer for the overworked tias here.

In an attempt to relieve our own cooks, we sent out for pizza and watched the 2003 Chile Video and some excerpts from Bethany and Sheldon’s wedding.

Those who weren’t feeling well went off to bed. Many others went to the Friday night communion service at La Pintana Alliance Church. This service was important to us because we found out there will be no Sunday services anywhere because of political elections going on right now. The government will not allow any public meetings of any kind during the voting process. Not even church services.

It was a blessing to be able to share communion with our Chilean brothers and sisters. Pastor Err preached on humbleness using us as an example; “Our North American friends have not come to be served, but to serve.” We also stood in front of the congregation and with Scott leading on guitar sang; “Jesus, All for Jesus” in English and Spanish.

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