It all began with a trip to a dilapidated home for girls in Santiago, Chile in 1996. As Tom Orme surveyed the crime-ridden neighborhood and the broken walls and doors of the home, his heart was broken. Thieves and sexual predators were victimizing the young girls again and again.

If ever the gospel mandate to “look after orphans in their distress” rang clear, it was here.

Tom returned to the United States and formed Vision for Chile. He began recruiting teams from churches across North America to travel to the group home in Santiago to repair, rebuild, and expand the facilities. The first team labored to restore the wall, giving immediate and necessary physical protection to the girls. In the years since, Vision for Chile teams have built and outfitted new group homes, school facilities, a dining hall, a computer lab, vocational training spaces, walls, sidewalks, owerbeds and more. The home has transformed into a place where young girls are blossoming  in Christ’s love and nding joyful hope for their futures.

Today, Vision for chile supports the ministries of both the Girl’s Home (known affectionately as “The Hogar”) as well as the “House of Hope”, a halfway house for the girls as they move to establish themselves as adult members of Chilean Society.

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