POV: You are on vacation with your loved ones. You look forward to your time with friends and significant other, tagging along for business trips and enjoying sights along the way. Suddenly, however, you are faced with an unshakable reality.

This is exactly what happened in 1995, when Tom Orme and his wife vacationed in Chile. The defining stop occurred at an orphanage that houses girls between the years of 3-17.  While waiting for his friend, Tom noticed that the orphanage fence was in extreme disrepair. Tom asked the orphanage director about a gaping hole in one wall. He learned that they orphanage could not afford to repair it, resulting in the rape of a four-year-old girl just the night before.

When Tom returned to the States, he found himself unable to shake from his mind the images of the orphanage. Not knowing the first thing about construction, he contacted a number of people who would be able to fix it, but since they had not seen what he had seen, he was unable to motivate them to take the trip to Chile.

Vision for Children was born when Tom realized that God was speaking to his heart about organizing a trip to Chile to repair the wall. The organization has grown to include the House of Hope, an internship program, and annual trips to Santiago,  Chile.