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2023 Trip Team Update 5 – FINAL

A  ‘Not’ Halloween Fiesta

The local church knows about Casa Esperanza and came to work with us, cook for us, and more! This troupe of clowns came in vivid colors to brighten a party for the children of the two neighboring orphanages and others who came to a ‘not’ halloween party. 

The clowns led dances with the kids and offered skits with gospel messages– their freely offered ministry.

Clowns, elaborate cupcakes, and a handful of chocolate candy to go put many smiles on the faces of the visiting kids.  As an encore, the clowns next led the volunteer and house remembers in exhausting dances after the young ones left. (Did we need more exercise?)
Love and Hope shines from the Casa Esperanza in Jesus’ name as it connects with children in LaPintana.

Founder Tom Orme gets lots of love from the girls who live at the Casa Esperanza and the kids who visit its programs 

During our visit to a nearby boys and girls orphanage, after sharing hotdogs and chips, the students bowed and prayed with us for God’s protection, provision and blessing of the many vulnerable children in Chile. Please pray that they and their workers would share God’s love, care. and strength daily. Please pray for these children. 

Photos, hugs, painting, etc!

Lisa on her first time in Chile took 1500 photos for our newsletters while painting rooms, cooking and loving kids! We wanted to say thanks and hope to see you next year! 

The snow covered Andes Mtns ever visible from Santiago’s streets, even the dusty ones 

Grateful so much for:

The Oct 2023 team is now safely home from Chile

Next Year?

Maggie, our youngest team member loved on the girls and made the paint team fly through more work than planned.
We need more young workers.

Maybe you or someone you know should think about October 2024?  

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