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Dear friends, brothers and sisters.

I am a witness to the first person in the history of their family to finish their secondary education. I am also a witness to many young women who struggle every day to change their future. I am a witness of a young woman who leaves drugs and changes direction in order to serve others. I am a witness to the happiness of a young woman who finishes the university process everyone said was impossible, by going “upstream”, against our culture and the segregation that we experience. I am also a witness of pain, suffering and violence to a degree that I dare not write.

There is a lot of evil, but we believe that to overcome evil we must do good (Romans 12:21). This has led us at House of Hope, dear brothers and friends, to fight against the evil, the inequality, and the injustice here in La Pintana, Chile.

I write this message to my friends, brothers and sisters who believe that with love, sacrifice and discipline a child can have a better future, a future with hope, and a present with peace, peace which is not understood after a storm. Today we started a campaign to collect funds to be able to pay for and survive as a home and as a foundation. Your prayer, volunteerism and finances can help us continue. We have a deficit of $4,000 that is affecting us. We had an emergency fund but it is running out. Help us to continue to assist the children and young persons who need it.

The campaign ends July 30, 2016

Ways to Help

One time donation. Donate Here

Program to sponsor a young person in House of Hope. Donate Here

Help Hope Community Youth Group. Donate Here

Help Zone Kids with your donation. Donate Here

Community Center, classes in music and sports. Donate Here

Help in the community development schools with program of prevention of violence. Donate Here

I thank God for his provision and for you and you support.

Daniel Trujillo

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