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She Was Only 5 Years Old

When we thought of House of Hope as a residence for young people, our mind and heart was with the teenagers who were abandoned/vulnerable and also with the 5-year-old girls that we knew whose lives would be very difficult because there was no nuclear and extended family to take charge of them, to care for them, to educate them and above all to love them.

Marisol chiquita

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Independent Life?


We asked a young woman who lives with us about her adaptation and she told us:

One of the things that I have like most is being able to do my own things and learn more,such as: How to wash in a washing machine for the first time because in the Home where I lived for 15 years I never washed because the caretakers did it and later where I lived as an adult we did not have a washing machine, so it was the first time that I did it. The same for cooking.

These little things are gigantic in the independent life. When we see this we also understand many other things about the reality of our youth and adolescents.

We ask for your prayers that we may adapt to one another and live together in peace.

Daniel Trujillo

Young People Residence? An unresolved problem

Looking inside the residences of children and adolescents whose rights have been violated, the groups that generate most challenges in relation to the management of the coexistence are, precisely, the adolescents; the more we can say about the young adults of 18 years or more, the most have not completed their secondary education, and adding to the difficulties, there are no original family networks or surrogates in which we can visualize a possible successful outcome.

On the other hand, psychological emotional repairs are mediocre due to the high turnover of professionals inside of the residence, colleagues who fail to generate therapeutic links or that never carry out the therapies because “the young do not want to go to the sessions”, and do not want to talk about the pain of abandonment or the pain of remembering the violence that their own family deny.


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Testimony House of hope.

Feliz cumpleaños Casa Esperanza Chile.

Today we say Happy Birthday to CasaEsperanza / House of Hope. It is hard to believe that you are 7 years old. I remember when you were just a dream, a prayer request. And now here you are making a great impact on the community of La Pintana Chile. We thank Jesus for what you have become to so many children and young adults. You are changing lives and meeting the needs of so many street kids and orphans. We thank God for the many volunteers that have given so much to help serve. Thank you churches, thank you businesses, thank you individuals for your prayers, your love and sacrifice, you are making a difference. I feel so privileged to be a small part of all of this. We look forward to many more years of loving people and sharing the love of Jesus.