Team One Update #3

Hello All!

ashley-1-665-medium.jpgWell, here we are in about the middle of our time here. Yesterday we attended church here in LaPintana. Frank and I shared our testimonies with the congregation through the help of Cora, our translator. Following our testimonies some of the youth put on a skit for us. It was a very powerful message of the things that get in between God and us.

After church we took a bus ride to Pomaire to shop for the afternoon. It was a much needed break and time of fellowship and also a time to get some really neat stuff from the local shops. Later that evening, we all went out for dinner and celebrated Paula, Katherine and Taran’s birthday.

The building work is coming along. Everyone is working very hard even though we are all getting tired at this point. ashley-1-612-medium.jpgashley-1-553-medium.jpg Please continue to pray for us and the work we are trying to accomplish here. I would also like you all to pray for the team members here who are cutting hair and manicuring nails. These people are Brittney, Dayna, Taran and Ashley (also our photographer). They have done a wonderful job of connecting with the girls.

We appreciate all your prayers and comments. Thank you so much and keep them coming. When I read the comments at our meals, everyone is encouraged. So please, please, keep it up!


10 thoughts on “Team One Update #3

  1. The pictures are great and your accomplishments are even greater. Keep up the good work as your help out and minister to the girls.

    Steve Von Gunten
    Westgate Chapel
    Toledo, OH

  2. Hey y’all (I guess it does sort of give me away, huh? lol)

    The pictures ARE great! Thanks for keeping us posted back home. Also, I was very excited to get a phone call! Thanks to whomever provided the phone cards!


  3. Great to hear from you again. We are encouraged as we read about your progress on the projects, your ministry to the girls, and the fellowship you are enjoying in the Lord. Did someone say “phone call”?
    We Love you all!

    Roger and Sue Reinhrt

  4. That is neat that you were able to share your testimonies with the people there. I know God can and will use that in the lives of the people who heard you.

    Thanks for keeping us updated, please give my love to Frank and tell him we love him and miss him.

    Cindy Tremblay

  5. Just a few more days!
    Our prayer is that you finish well and that your sacrificial service will make a life long impression.
    Keep up your amazing work
    ACC Sylvan Lake

  6. What amazing work you are doing not only in the structure but also in the lives of the girls. Showing God’s love in the simple things as hair cuts!
    May your work progress be more than expected. Our prayers for your safety daily and rest at night.
    Enjoy your last days there.
    Love and prayers,
    Jonathan and Peggy Brinkman

  7. I’ve been silent for too long… I always read ALL of the Chile Team updates and continue to pray for all of you, but when I saw a recent picture and recognized Cora, Kathrine, and Nancy “the Queen!” I just had to say something. I MISS YOU ALL DEARLY AND WISH I WERE THERE! If anyone makes a “home movie” of your journey while you’re there (like I used to do) please send me a copy – I will pay! To all of you who remember me, I praise God for you. Thank you for your perseverance furthering the vision God gave Tom so many years ago! Love those girls in the hogar. You’re not only family to them, you represent Jesus Christ in their lives! And to all the new-comers I say the same thing and add this (short) testimony: Serving on a Chile Team there at the Hogar has changed my life forever. I know God used me in many ways to accomplish His purposes just as He is using you right now. But now that a few years have gone by, I can clearly see my own relationship with Christ has grown immensely, largely due to my experiences with Vision for Chile. I could give lots of details but would rather cut to the chase: “It’s not about me!” I can only hope God will have me to serve on a Chile Team again some day. For my past experience, I thank God, and I thank you Tom. May God bless you all, and keep you safe. If you see Guido, please tell him I miss him. He is my brother-in-Christ (on the other side of the world)! And Nancy Corales, tell her I said “YOU ARE SORRY!” it’s a personal joke, only she will understand. Ok, I’m famous for rambling so I’ll stop now.

    I love you all,

    Still serving from Long Beach, CA

    Larry Hillhouse

  8. YAY!! Praise the Lord for all He is doing!
    Someone please give Katherine (aka. MonkeyFace) a HUGE hug for me!
    I am praying for you guys as I know that you are all tire… especially those of you who will be staying for another 2 weeks.
    The Lord bless and keep you all!
    😀 Claire

  9. WOW. The project looks like its coming along great! I can’t wait for another update (hint, hint). Please tell Katherine I said “Happy Birthday”, but say it in spanish so it sounds really good. I don’t know how to spell it in spanish. Also tell Aleiah I said “Happy Birthday” too.

    Thanks! Keep up the great work!



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