Alicia Update, internship

Berta, Lily Alicia Jun Hola a todo de ustedes! Hello everyone! Here at House of Hope we have been doing well, however the transition into the winter months has left me with a new name “la abuelita” the grandma in the house who is always bundled up and we haven’t even reached the coldest months! The multi-purpose building is coming together with the help of many volunteer workers and we are so thankful for that. The micro business room has second hand carpet laid and cabinets that were donated that we have been cleaning. Once that is complete we will be organizing the materials and products so they can find a new home in the business room with more space. After a few more decisions to be made, I hope that the online store will be ready within the next month. With God’s vision, I have decided to extend my stay in Chile to work with the girls at the house as the process has taken more time as the girls are also busy with their studies. In mid-May, I took an unexpected trip back to MN to attend the funeral of my grandpa; it was a huge blessing to be able to do that as my siblings who live in other parts of the world also traveled back so we were all reunited as a family, which rarely happens. , Alicia jun   ALICIA JUN I want to say thanks to everyone who had supported Lily and encouraged her with the time she had in the states. Her time was a huge blessing to reunite with her children and it was great to see how happy she was to have that opportunity. Thank you everyone for your continuous support and keeping us in your prayers; we have Alicia Karina who has been at HOH for over a month now whom we have been working with and supporting. I personally see so much potential in her and ask that you pray for her to see the value HOH has to offer for her.  We recently have a new girl, Susana age 20, who was from the orphanage so please pray for the decision these young ladies take as our hope is to provide them a better future. Thank you!! Alicia. Berta y Yo en Nido.jpg Alicia jun

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