Change the future: one child, one family, one community

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Liliana is back with us at Casa Esperanza!

We are so excited to have again Liliana Alarcon at Casa Esperanza! She brings so much joy and energy to the house. It has been a blessing to see her spiritual growth. She is doing her internship as Assistant preschool teacher. Pray for her and her life as she finishes strong her internship in these four months left. She shares with us about her experience at Casa Esperanza and how it has changed her life.

How did you knew about Casa Esperanza?
I came to Hogar, La Granja an orphanage for kids and later through Daniel I transitioned to Casa Esperanza. Daniel and his family have been a big support for me to continue my studies.

What it means Casa Esperanza to you?
It means a great help and support because it has allowed me to finish my studies of university. Casa Esperanza has given me hope and a future.

How Casa Esperanza has impacted your spiritual life?
It has been a great opportunity of spiritual growth because I get the opportunity to give love to the kids on Wednesdays. Also, being part of the educational workshops has helped me grow in my walk with Jesus.

Tell us about your internship and your future plans.

In my internship as Assistant preschool teacher, I get the blessing to teach kids about the importance of being good stewards of their environment and nature. Also, I teach them how to take care of their garden and plants.

In terms of the future, I would like to go back to Canada where my children are and be reunited with my family. I would like to rent an apartment, and in the basement start my daycare where I can implement all the tools given to me through the internship.



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Hope Community has started!

We are excited to announce that Hope Community has started in this year 2018 and we are glad to see children and young girls be blessed at Hope Community in La Pintana, Chile.

This is a very joyful and powerful time where these beautiful young girls of House of Hope, children and all the people from La Pintana get to experienced Jesus’ love through music, the message and a fellowship time. This time is very valuable and important for the children because they get to share their lives in a Christ-centered environment. It promotes a time of developing healthy friendships and learning from one another.

We had the opportunity to interview two students who also come to English classes on Wednesdays and they told us about their experience in Hope Community. They shared with us that this time is valuable and  they awaited it with expectation. Here she renews her strength, knows that they will welcome her with open arms and grow in Jesus.



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Elijah’s intercultural experience at Casa Esperanza

Elijah Dahunsi is one of the students of Ford Bend Christian Academy. He shares about how God called him to Chile and serve at Casa Esperanza and after this experience he wants to come back and serve again.

Elijah shares us his experience:

  1. Tell us how you heard about Casa Esperanza.

I knew about Casa Esperanza through Kelly at Ford Bend Christian Academy.

  1. How has been your intercultural experience at Casa Esperanza?

It has been a great blessing. I have enjoyed so much the vibrancy, food and ways of life of the Chilean culture. It has been a joy the interaction with different Chileans and that they are community-oriented.

  1. What means for you to serve at Casa Esperanza?

It is a calling that God has placed on my heart. I know it is a huge responsibility and privilege, also it is eye-opening.

  1. What has been your biggest highlight in this trip?

The Vacation Bible School has been the most impact experience.The opportunity of meeting young kids in orphanages, interacting with them and playing with them has made all the difference.


Powerful talk with Kelly Galatoire   

Powerful talk with Kelly Galatoire-
Secretary of Directors of Vision for Children

Kelley Galatoire is the Secretary of Directors of Vision for Children, USA. She has four beautiful children. She has been involved in the ministry since 2011. She has come to serve at Casa Esperanza  with the students of Ford Bend Christian Academy and we are blessed to have them. We were honored to interview her and  hear her fervent passion for the ministry and deep insights. Here is some of the great talk we had:

  1. Tell us a little about you and how God called you to ministry in Chile?

My family moved here in 2011. My husband came here for work, but we knew that God had a greater purpose than his work that was bringing us to Chile. And within the second week of coming here, we were connected to a missionary family that had been here for 25 years. They were friends with Tom Orme, the founder of the ministry.
I was praying to God about my purpose being here, and God revealed to me by knowing about the House of Hope. I began volunteering and supporting the ministry in public relations, fundraising, and connecting the ex-patriarchs with the ministry through the program called Family Volunteer Days, which unified families every month and making a difference in La Pintana community.

  1. How has your experience been being part of this ministry?

I have witnessed more miracles in this two and a half years that I was in ministry with my feet on the ground than I have in my entire lifetime. That kept my passion through this ministry, and that’s why I’m still involved today. It’s one of those things when you see God doing things and moving, it’s like a fire, and you’re incredibly overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit. It is my prayer to replicate this ministry in other parts of the world.

  1. What means for you to serve at Casa Esperanza?

It’s like baptism, you die yourself, you put yourself last, and you serve wholeheartedly.

  1. What have been your highlights through your trips?

It’s like a Cinderella story. This girl came from the orphanage and she was rebellious, but then she had a change and now she’s married, living in the United States, and she’s serving the Lord. The second thing would be seeing the transformation of the students’ faith and getting them out of their comfort zone. It’s so beautiful to witness. The third thing would be witnessing the special connection between the students and the orphan kids. God places you and connects you. Some of the kids couldn’t even connect, but it didn’t matter. God gives us ways to communicate without words.

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