Chile Needs Our Help!!

This is the latest E-mail from Tom Orme, Director of Vision for Chile, who was in Chile at the time of the earthquake. Please continue to pray! To give a donation please click on “How do I Give?” in the right column of your screen or the bottom of this message.

Dear Vision for Chile Family,

The past four days have been both amazing and overwhelming! I have seen people on their knees praying, crying out for answers from God for their families in Southern Chile whom they cannot connect with, others who have made contact and have either gotten good news or found out that they have lost loved ones. People are truly scared about the unknown and many of these are our Christian brothers and sisters. Gas lines are long, communities like the one I am staying in still have no electricity. We have no TV to watch to find out what is going on, no internet to try and stay connected. (I am at the Hogar using their internet) Sometimes my cell phone works, other times it doesn’t. Some communities are still without water! Santiago was built to with stand earthquakes, but not an 8.5!

I have received over 150 e-mails asking how can I help? I have been asking the same question. The conditions in Chile, especially down south are unbelievably bad.

I believe the best way the Vision for Chile family can help is to help our “community” The people that we see, talk to, work with, go to church with, play with and touch every time we come to Chile. Here are the needs that I know for our community! These are needs that you can pray for and send money for:

· House of Hope: lost an outside perimeter wall. It will take approximately 3 weeks to rebuild. The repair cost will run approximately $3000. However each day we have to hire extra security to protect the House of Hope itself. Additional cost could run approximately $1250. for a total of $4250. Can you help?

· Hogar: Thank God the girls and staff are OK. The buildings are OK, however many of the things in the houses were damaged, two TV’s, two refrigerators, three washing machines, dishes, glasses, several microwaves etc Approximately $6500. in damages, can you help?

· The Hogar bookkeeper (Denise) lives on the 5th floor of an apartment which was severely damaged, she lost everything! I mean everything. Over $5000. She is temporarily living with an uncle. Can you help her?

· The Fugate’s, our favorite missionaries lost cups, glasses and nick knacks plus “all” of the food in the refrigerator & freezer, approximately $1,150. in damage. Can you help?

· Daniel & Jessica, the new Director of the House of Hope saved for 5 years for a new TV, it was destroyed in the earth quake, approximately $1500 in loss, can you help?

Compared to what’s going on in Southern Chile, this is “nothing” but it is loss to our community and they (we) need your help! Please pray about this, and if you can help please send your money to Vision for Chile via one of our two electronic methods. How Can I give? I promise you the money will get to the right person/place. God bless you!

Please keep praying for the people of Chile!

Tom Orme

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