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Perhaps you’re here at visionforchile.org because you’ve served on a short term team to the hogar, or you helped to build the House of Hope, or you helped prayerfully and financially support/send a friend or sister or neighbor or nephew on a trip, or perhaps you have a fire and vision in your heart as we do for the children of Santiago, Chile. For each of you, we are immensely grateful.

We have been making some revisions to our website and adding other sources of social media so that we can spread the vision for these sweet girls that we believe Christ has called us to. Will you help us? Please join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Flickr, and Vimeo. Most importantly, tell your friends and share that vision along side us. Now, more than ever, we need to bring awareness of what we do to as many as possible.

You are as much a part of Vision for Chile as we are; interact and engage with us, dream with us, and love these girls with us.

As an added bonus, we have something exciting to let you know about. In the coming weeks, we will be featuring a new element on our website that you won’t want to miss! Be watching Facebook and Twitter for the announcement!

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