Echo Alliance Church, Update 1


The Echo Team of 14 arrived in La Pintana on Wednesday morning. They had a good flight and arrived safely. They were greeted at the airport by several of the HOH young women, Daniel and I.

After unpacking and a time of resting plus a great welcome lunch they soon went to work. And it was amazing to see how much work was accomplished in just a few hours.

Later that day we had our team meeting to go over the schedule for the 8 days that the team will be here. We also discussed the Welcome Packet to make sure everyone was fully aware of the rules of the house

On Thursday, we had a full work day. When all of us are working together as a team, it is amazing how much work can be accomplished. Several team members jumped in and laid the floating floor in the Kids Zone room. It is beautiful. Thank you Jesus ! This group also started laying the tile in the foyer of the multipurpose building. The young men on the team spent the day picking up much of the trash that has been accumulating for months. Thank you ! And the women on the team        [both young and older] began the process of sanding the drywall and then painting the same. They have done an awesome job!

Today Friday has been an amazing day so far. This morning after a great time of singing and praying, we all went to the Forjadores Del Futuro School [the school of the future] and had just a wonderful time with over 100 of the kids and teachers at this school. The children of the school presented us with some of the more traditional dances of Chile. They were really good. However not to be out done the Echo Team did their own dancing. They did their version of the Electric Slide. They too were pretty good. It really became crazy when about 30 of the Chilean kids joined in on the second round of the Electric Slide. Everyone had a great time. We then went to a class room of about 32 kids and the Echo team shared slides of their home town. We then presented two testimonies one by Lilo from the HOH and the other one from Mimi of Echo. They were both really good. Thank you ladies! We ended the day by singing a song in both English & Spanish and then “ all “ of us played a game that looked a lot like Simon says ! It was a great ending.

We headed back to the HOH had lunch and then went Back to work. Tonight we have our No Talent, Talent Show. It should be fun. More to come!



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