Bringing hope and healing into the darkness

DSC00718How I love to be in Your presence, with Your people singing praises

I love to stand and rejoice…lift my hands and raise my voice.

…..I think the song goes something like that.

I recently returned from a week in the House of Hope in La Pintana, Santiago Chile. I was able to visit with special people that I had known from my previous trips to Chile.

We were greeted as family and included in all the activities that were going on at the House of Hope. From giving my testimony to washing dishes and sharing God’s love to some very special women to being prayer over at a late night Good Friday service and the blessing of spending Easter Sunday with Daniel and Jessica and their wonderful girls.

I left challenged! What if each one of us wanted to make the same difference in the lives of people in our community as we saw demonstrated in the House of Hope. What if we shared our talents and taught others from our blessing? What if we held Saturday meetings at our homes and shared the love of Jesus and gave snacks to young children who live around us?

I believe our lives and our communities would be different and changed for Jesus!

I listened to the long list of ideas, programs and dreams that the leaders have and I was blown away. I saw untiring effort put into practise to see that children would have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, to know more about a Saviour who died for them, to see raised awareness of culture  expanding one’s view of life….. full of dreams and hope. I saw hope where there was only emptiness. I saw purpose and much creative thought put into enhancing lives of young women and children alike.

I saw the love of the Father bringing hope and healing into the darkness.

Thank you House of Hope, Tom, Daniel, Jessica, Cecilia and all the ladies for sharing their lives with us for that week.

O, how I loved being with you, in the presence of His love, grace and mercy!

Dianne Buchholz


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