Final Thoughts

Well, the VFC 2007 trip has come to an end. God has blessed us with another successful year of ministry to the girls’ home in Santiago. As we return home, I hope the team members take a moment to reflect back on this past month. As mission trips go this has been one of the hardest I have ever been on. The injuries, the trips to the hospitals, the truck braking down (twice), and just the wear and tear of the month are what made this trip tough. However, the good things have out weighed the bad. New rooms were built, walls were painted, tile was laid, and trash removed. More importantly, though, friendships have been made, the girls have been loved, and people have come to Christ. God has blessed us so much. I just take this time to praise Him for all that happened during this year’s trip!

I would also like to thank everyone who helped with the website updates this year. On team one I would like to thank Rebekah, Steven I., Karissa, Magy, and Amy H. For team two, I would like to thank Ken M., Sally, Alan, and Betty. Without your help my job would have been very tough. I also would like to thank all of you who left comments and who prayed for us during our trip. If you have not registered to receive an e-mail notice when the website is updated I would ask you to do that please. We will have updates about our various projects throughout the year. Again, I thank you all for reading about our adventures…. God Bless you!!!


3 thoughts on “Final Thoughts

  1. Thanks, Mark (AKA: My adopted son!)

    I so appreciate your hard work and Tom’s never ending work. We could not do it without you both! We are already looking forward to coming to our second home, the Hogar, again next year!

    Blessings! Sherry Kertesz

  2. This was the first Missions trip for Uken and I. It was exciting and exhausting at the same time. We both prayed in regard to doing the trip again and agreed that God was calling us to go again. God’s miracles happen everywhere ,at any time if you are in His will and if He has opened your eyes to see. This has been a time of spiritual growth for both of us. We feel so blessed to be part of the Vision for Chile Team.. Muchas Gracias to Tom, Mark and the whole Vision for Chile Team!

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